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Bois d’Arc Lake

Bois d’Arc Lake is Texas’ first new major reservoir in nearly 30 years. The 16,641-acre lake will be located northeast of the city of Bonham in Fannin County. The lake’s name honors local history and recognizes the Bois d’Arc tree as a distinctive symbol with special significance for the region. Bois d’Arc Lake will meet the water needs and demands for our growing region of 1.7 million people until 2040. Low-interest funding approved by the state will pay for nearly all of the project and save the District and ratepayers millions in financing costs.

Project Overview

Bois d’Arc Lake in Fannin County is a critical new source of water for residents and businesses served by the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD). A wholesale water provider to a growing population of 1.7 million people in North Texas, NTMWD has been working to permit and build the reservoir since 2003. Project construction began in May of 2018.

Project Cost

The projected cost for Bois d’Arc Lake is approximately $1.6 billion. This figure covers all the project’s components including planning, permitting, land acquisition, engineering, design, construction and mitigation. It also covers separately planned projects that will treat water from the new lake and expand the regional water delivery system.

Economic Benefits of Construction and Recreation

According to an independent economic analysis1, Bois d’Arc Lake is expected to boost local economic activity in Fannin County at least $509 million during construction and $166 million each year after completion. It will provide the water supplies necessary to attract and support new businesses and jobs across the region, as well as directly boosting taxable real estate values and generating recreational economic activity.


The project is anticipated to take four years to complete. NTMWD’s goal is to begin filling Bois d’Arc Lake in 2020 and deliver treated water in 2022.

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