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What is the Branded Wall?

A project to highlight the Fannin County ranching heritage and draw visitors to Bonham’s downtown square

Project Description:  A tourist type display of cattle brands on the North wall of the building at 422 N Center. Step 1 for this project will be to paint “WELCOME TO BONHAM” across the top of the wall and then the cattle brands will be placed underneath this as required and space allows. The brands would be placed in a 3x3 foot square, allowing for a grand total of 122 brands. A website will be maintained where an individual can click on a photo of a brand and get more information about the history of the brand, family that had it, etc. 

How will the Branded Wall work?

This project will be handled through the Bonham Chamber of Commerce Office.

The cost to post a brand will be $100 each to cover operating costs for the project. Each brand will be paid for by the individual wishing to see that particular brand posted. Example: Mr. Smith wants to have the brand his grandfather used painted on The Branded Wall. He communicates with the Chamber, provides the necessary imagery and information (brands are kept on record with the County), and the Chamber will handle adding the chosen brand to the wall.

WHEN WILL THE Branded Wall happen?

In order to beginning painting, there must be at least ten brands ordered. Step 1 of the project begins with painting "Welcome to Bonham" across the top of the wall.  Brands will be added in groups of ten until the project is finished. Follow us on Facebook at 
for updates and timelines.

How do I submit my brand to the wall?

Contact the Chamber at 903-583-4811

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