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Welcome to the Fannin County Quilt Barn Trail

Click on one of the barns below to be directed to a web based map with images and directions to each Quilt Barn on your Phone
You can click on the Goto in the quilt descriptions and it will take you to the square being highlighted

The Bailey Inglish Trail      The Davy Crockett Trail 

Click on the Barn Image for Trail Maps 

The Fannin County Quilt Barn Trail is the largest trail in Texas consisting of painted quilt patterns placed on barns, houses, fences, etc. in the State of Texas.  Visitors can spend the entire day traveling the trail and seeing all the various patterns and sizes that are located throughout the county. Established in 2012 with Over 100 squares and counting!

One Fannin County Quilt Barn Trail - 3 Routes

With over 100 squares spread from one end of our county to the other, it's grouped into three sections to be more user friendly. The Fannin County Quilt Barn Trail is made up of three routes: 
1. The Bailey Inglish Route - covering the northern, more rural section of the county
2. The James Butler Bonham Route - covering everything within easy driving distance of downtown Bonham

3. The Davy Crockett Route - covering the quilt squares in the city of Honey Grove and surrounding area

Governor Rick Perry’s office issued a proclamation announcing the Quilt Trail Initiative in Houston on October 15, 2009 at the 35th Annual Houston International Quilt Festival . The goal of the Initiative is to have a quilt trail connect all 254 counties in Texas, starting with 66 counties in North Texas.

Fannin County Quilt Barn Trail The Largest Barn Quilt Trail in Texas  est. 2012 * Brownsville Texas  The First Barn Quilt Trail in Texas * Piney Woods  Barn Quilt  Trail est. 2018 * Farmersville Texas Barn Quilt Trail under construction Fall 2018 * Crocket Barn Quilt Trail under construction 2018 * Clarksville Barn Quilt Trail under construction 2019

How to Make Your Own Quilt Barn Square in 5 Steps

Inspiration for a quilt square design can come from anywhere. 

Once you've found the perfect look, here are the steps to bringing your square to life. 

Step 1. Gather supplies

You'll want that beautiful quilt square to last, so use Exterior Grade Plywood 3/4 inch (or metal from

 a sign maker) cut to size = 4ft x 4ft, 6ft x 6ft, or 8ft x 8ft. 

Be sure to use brand named "Frog Tape" to keep your lines leak free.

You'll also need kilz paint, exterior latex paint (in whatever colors you want in your design) and 3 inch screws.  

Step 2. Prime Your Square

Prime your square with Kilz paint with a brush - 2coats- front, back and edges (metal needs only front primed)

Step 3. Draw your design

Draw your design in pencil 

Step 4. Paint!

Paint your design your exterior latex - 3 coats each color including edges

Step 5. Hang your Square

Attach the square with 3 inch screws into solid wood, metal or frame 

Contact Patti Wolf at for questions and to register your square location in the trail. The trail map is updated annually, or as needed. 

Want to talk to someone about the Fannin County Quilt Barn Trail? Contact Patti Wolf at 903-583-6040


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